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Coryell Auger Sample Trio had a great run of inspiration, creativity, traveling and laughs...And although keeping bands together can be tough through individual idiosyncrasies, we delivered with passion.  Unfortunately, this trio is no longer together.  Time, money, distance and age has kept us in hiatus for unknown amount of time.  Do I wish we can play together again, yes I do. Will we? 

We shall see...Peace and Word

This is live at Seattle's Bumbershoot...Karma and I just finished a set with Brian Auger on the Starbucks Stage and Julian was patiently waiting on stage for us to join him...This is one of my favorite Trio songs called The Grey Ghost

Live in Chicago...Our first gig in Chicago...We like to say it is our Venice Beach Basketball Song...Coolidge Returns

Coolidge Returns
By Coryell Auger Sample Trio

This is our first record.  We tracked this record live in Julians Studio.  3 days, 2 Sets each day and No Click, No headphones.

We made this record 2 weeks from our first meeting each other as a trio!

This is a great Virgin record from a band that naturally clicked.

Live in Europe 2009
By Coryell Sample Trio Auger

Live Double CD.  We were bold enough to take our funds, travel Europe and build a fan base.