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As a supplement to recording a record in this day and age...I have chosen a new virtual route as one medium for my body of work.  These recordings are scaled down performances of me Solo as well as with Friends.  I hope you enjoy the new music as I have been.

By no means can anything I do be perfect...But with passion comes authenticity...These are my current, present songs I have written by video...I hope you enjoy...


Waitin For It

Nick Sample/ Paul Mitchell

I wrote this song as i recorded it last summer. Was not until my co writing buddy helped me finish the song and here is the first recording...



Saw You There

Co-wrote this song with my friend Mark McLean.  The unsung words to that girl I should have said something to...Lost the moment and she is gone...

Peace & Word

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Starry Night

A confession to his girl...Co-Written with Julian Coryell.... Peace & Word

Lyrics On MisterSample Blog

Ask Me For Silence

This song and story has lived in my heart for over Ten Years...Finally, I have found it's engine....Peace & Word

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Rain/ Sorrow

This song means so much to me in regards to how I envision the production...But also in how important certain social issues are in today's world...This is Video # 1 , my 2nd take...Trying to stay transparent..

Peace & Word

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I needed some assistance with this song on lyrics...I knew I had to contact New Orleans legend Johnny Vidacovich....Thank you Johnny!!!!

Peace & Word

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Souly The Other

I could not help but write a melody and lyrics to one of my favorite Joe Sample pieces, Souly Creole.  Our first Co-Write...

Peace & Word

Lyrics on MisterSample Blog