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Here I stand before my heart...Unearthing the roots that determine my path...From today until my last...I share with you myself

These are YouTube videos of songs I have written, co written with or for other artists

Here is a link to a song I wrote with Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy...I wrote the Chorus hook...Alison asked me the moment I walked into rehearsal to hear this new song and she was stuck for a Chorus...The fun part was the fact that the answer was instant and Alison went forward to pen lyrics in her great style of writing...Near To You

This video depicts the CAS Trio experience by way of touring and following us on our momentous adventure... All guerilla style promoting

This song fortunately found its way onto my fathers record The Pecan Tree.  Sung by Howard Hewitt and co written with Lauren Wild.  I understand this song is played on a good rotation on Jazz Cruise Festivals.


Josefin Glenmark, a Swedish singer-songwriter, performs her latest single " Suzie" at a Swedish television program, Bingolotto.

I wrote this song with my dear friend Josefin Glenmark from Stockholm Sweden.  I hope to continue writing with Josefin.  I have a dual Americana Swedish Modern Folk Record in mind...


This song has so much life with CAS Trio..."Lila"...go on girl!

A London Fan was able to film this without the staff of Ronnie Scott's catching on...

We were asked to dedicate a song to the Birthday Girl...You can hear the girls in this video talking..."Can I Get A Little Something"  deemed appropriate for the moment.... 

LiVE FuN Have LiFE


Everett Bradley, Nicki Richards, Alex Navarro, Ethan Eubanks, Darius C. Jones, Sandro Albert..My first NYC Band